Anti CS Dos Tutorial

Anti CS Dos Tutorial

Anti crush solution for Counter Strike 1.6 servers

I`m sure it happened to you many times. Suddenly the server is blocking and in the top right corner of your screen a message displayes :

WARNING : Connection Problems

You are asking yourserf : what was that? it`s got to be the internet connection !...No, it has nothing to do with the internet connection. You`ve just been the victim of a little "attack". There is a program that can crush your server from the distance. The program is available on the internet, anyone can download it and when someone gets angry with you on your server (he gets kicked or banned or something like this) he just exit your server and crushes it. This program is called CSDos. But as every issue has a solution the anti CSDos was developed. It is a program called AntiCSDos and makes the CSDos inefficient if it is used proprely.
Download here AntiCSDos.rar, unzipp it anywhere on disk and install it like any other program by double clicking the executable, etc...Usage:
1. Start your CS 1.6 dedicated server.
2. Start the AntiCSDos by double clicking the executable.
3. This is the most important step : press Patch HLDS ! Without this step yor server is not protected.
After you patched HLDS you can turn off the AntiCSDos. The protection is still active if you patchedv HLDS !
The dynamic ip users will have to patche HLDS on every ip change. Otherwise your server won`t be protected. Start the AntiCSDos and patche HLDS once a day and your server will not be blocked.


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