Spray Logo

How to make a CS 1.6 spray logo

In order to install a spray logo to your CS client you will have to do this :

First you will have to download here HL Tag Converter. Unzzip it anywhere on disK. Double click the executable HlTagConverter and a window will be displayed . Then do the following steps :
1. Click on Open Image; there you chose the picture from your disk.
2. Click on Adjust Image. An window will display. First click Auto Size, and then click Apply changes and convert to 256 colors.
3. Click the Save Tag button. A little window will display and you chose "Export to WAD file" and click OK.
Now you have to save the file twice : first save it as tempdecal and then save it as pldecal.Copy the two files, tempdecal.wad and pldecal.wad , tocstrike folder of your Counter Strike 1.6 client (not the server`s cstrike), and delete the logos folder from there.


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