console commands for better fps (frames per second)

these settings i put up for people who want better fps but don't like the look of casey's config in game you can read the discription of the console commands below and pick and choose what you want or don't want or just what ever gives you better fps.

Settings And Comments

cl_ragdoll_physics_enable 0 = Makes the models disappear once they are killed; saves                                    CPU from rendering death animations

cl_phys_props_enable 0 = Disables little cans/bottles that are rendered client side. Takes stress off CPU

cl_show_splashes 0 = Disable water splashes

mat_bumpmap 0 = Disable Bump Mapping

mat_specular 0 = Disables specular (AKA no more shiny crap)

mp_decals 0 = disables decals


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