high ping kicker in statsme

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This plugin scans continuously ping the server and players to kick those who lag (high ping). This ping you set your * First of all, you must have enabled StatsMe. installation tutorial StatsMe here Installation: Enter cstrike \ addons \ statsme \ scriptpacks.cfg (open it with Worpad / Notepad). In this cfg find the line: Code: / / exec addons / statsme / scriptpacks / adminpack / hpingkick.cfg .. and delete the two lines: / / So will be:Code: exec addons / statsme / scriptpacks / adminpack / hpingkick.cfg Now you must set the maximum ping. Enter addons \ statsme \ scriptpacks \ adminpack \ hpingkick.cfg and find the line: Code: localinfo push 225 You can put, for example 80. This means that those who exceed ping of 80 have lag and the server will automatically kick. Both all


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