Capture the Flag mode for CS 1.6

Capture the Flag mode Counter Strike 1.6 server

Capture the flag (CTF) is an already established in most shooters Multi Player (Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Unreal Turnement, Vietcong, Halo, etc). It is available for Counter Strike 1.6. It's a team game ... so do not be too individualistic.

Game goals

Players must capture the opponent's flag and then take him to their base (where his team flag). Each such capture will be scored one point for the team. The player who stole the flag must be protected by other teammates until it reaches under its own to score. 
players who was captured flag team must catch him killing the man who stole it.
Besides the points that are made ​​by capture the flag , players normally get for each kill each one frag charm ... but how is the battle between teams.
earn team has more points.


This is a mode for AMX Mod X so you need to install AMX Mod X 1.76 or newer version.


1. Download the archive from here and unzip it anywhere on disk.
2. GHW_CTF.amxx copies files in HLDS \ cstrike \ addons \ amxmodx \ plugins (HLDS is the main directory of the server.
3. Open HLDS \ cstrike \ addons \ amxmodx \ configs \ plugins.ini and add the line:
4. Copy the content CTF_Files folder \ models HLDS \ cstrike \ models
5. Copy the folder contents CTF_Files \ sound HLDS \ cstrike \ sound
6. Optional - GHW_CTF.sma copy in HLDS \ cstrike \ addons \ amxmodx \ scripting

Attention! For the Romanian version using the file GHW_CTF_RO.amxx!

ctf_on - Use only amxx.cfg only, starts or stops during play mode (1 = on 0 = off) (Default: 1)
ctf_weapons - What gun type weapon appears in the CSDM (See below the list of corresponding letters each weapon) (You can also use amx_ctf_remove / addweap to remove / add weapons menu) (Default: "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz")
ctf_nades - What kind / what have players grenades (Default: "hhff" (2 HES 2 flashes))
ctf_respawntime - Delay before the resurrection (Default: 3.0)
ctf_maxcaps - Number of laps until the end of the map (Default: 25)
ctf_spawnprotection - Enable / Disable protection area of the resurrection (1 = enabled 0 = disabled) (Default: 1)
ctf_sounds - Enable / Disable sound (default Sounds of WoW) (1 = enabled 0 = disabled) (Default: 1)
ctf_vote - CBC Vote On / Off (1 = enabled 0 = disabled) (Default: 1)
ctf_votelength - The timing of the vote ( default: 20.0)
ctf_votedelay - time which must elapse since the termination of a failed vote until the beginning of another vote (Default: 180.0)
ctf_voterounddelay - time which must elapse from the start of the round until the start of voting (Default: 5.0 )

Orders for players

Type in chat: guns 
Write in console say / guns
menu will appear to choose weapons.
Write in console: say / ctfvote to start a vote.

Orders admin

amx_ctf_set_tflag - Set position to the flag Tero resurrection.
amx_ctf_set_ctflag - Set position to the flag resurrection CT
amx_ctf_off - Stop CBC 
amx_ctf_on - Start CBC

Codes for each weapon

XM1014 b
MAC10 c
UMP45 is
SG550 f
g Galil
AWP and
k M249
l M3
M4A1 m
G3SG1 one
SG552 p
q AK47
P90 r
s p228
u fiveseven
w glock18
Deagle x



  1. Sahil Gadkari said...:

    can u install cs capture flag mode in m pc plz

  1. dhruv tiwari said...:

    All the instructions file are perfectly installed but. When game starts game always crashes and end any solution.

  1. dhruv tiwari said...:

    All the instructions file are perfectly installed but. When game starts game always crashes and end any solution.

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