Jail Break Mode

Jail Break Mod Installation Tutorial:

Description of the Method

  • Each team has a Jail (prison) and for Terro true for CT respawnare area (baza.. Etc.)
  • When you kill an enemy of the enemy that the opposing team is sent to the Jail (jail) of your team.
  • Normally for winning round in this way must kill all enemies of the opposing team for the spread in Jail (jail) on your team!
  • You must capture enemies in jail (prison) to keep them prisoners .... of course player from both teams may issue his teammates .... need to survive and go to the jail (jail) where am captured colleagues in your team!
  • You can free up teammates just entering the Jail (jail) where they ditch ... without being captured or killed ... join them!
  • Receive and Reward (reward) for each saved teammate received a frag!


Download Jail Break Mod.rar here


  1. Jailbreak.txt extract in cstrike / addons / amxmodx / data / lang
  2. Jail_break.amxx extract in cstrike / addons / amxmodx / plugins (and edit in cstrike / addons / amxmodx / configs / plugins.ini (add line jail_break.amxx).
  3. Sma you have if you want to make some changes!

Console commands

sv_jailbreak 1/0 enable / disable (preferable to be 1 otherwise takes effect this way)
amx_jailbreak - This command allow admins to use them amx_jailbreak command without using amx_rcon!

Orders for players

/ Jailbreak - it displays a file in the form of 'help' on this!


amx_jailbreak - This cvar will get rid of ie rcon command that live only in amx_jailbreak jok ... amx_rcon not sv_jailbreak.


You must activate the "Fun" for the work correctly this way the tutorial says there is a small bug which could solve lau who made ​​this way ... (now to talk about this bug)! Bug detail: last 2 player still alive ... it is possible to kill more than one time ... maybe 2-3 times ... as a small respawn.


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