Laser light Plugin

Laser Light Plugin
Creates A Beam for every shot fired, it's a server level plugin. Users can not individually turn it on or off. Tested in CS:Source only.
This plug-in is awesome to do some local practice with. You can practice burst shots, etc... The laser beams will show you where the bullets are going and how much off target you are.
The lasers look really cool in fy_snow.
Unzip the file into the sourcemod folder.
Change Log:
0.1 Initial Release 0.2 Streamlined the code0.3 Tweaked the position of the beam
1.0 Added settings to turn on or off depending on certain conditions
1.1 Bug fix in persistence logic
Cvars used:
sm_laser_tag_on 1 turns the plugin on 0 is offsm_laser_tag_client_choice Do clients have a choice to enable or disable the Laser Beam 1 (default) on and 0 off
Default setting for new people connecting, 1 (default) on and 0 off
Only show the laser beams for spectators, 1 on and 0 off (default)
Only show the laser beams for shots fired by members of the same team, 1 on and 0 off (default)
 Only show the laser beams for shots fired by an attacker who has it enabled, 1 on and 0 off (default)
sm_laser_tag_ct_red Amount OF Red In The Beam of the CTs
sm_laser_tag_ct_green Amount Of Green In The Beam of the CTssm_laser_tag_ct_blue Amount OF Blue In The Beam of the CTsm_laser_tag_t_red Amount OF Red In The Beam of the Tssm_laser_tag_t_green Amount Of Green In The Beam of the Tssm_laser_tag_t_blue Amount OF Blue In The Beam of the Tssm_laser_tag_alpha Amount OF Transparency In Beamsm_laser_tag_life Life of the Beamsm_laser_tag_width Width of the Beam
Code snippets provided by:
Peoples Army, AMP and Deception5Might be a good idea to merge this plugin with People Army's "special effects plugin"


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