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The next step you need to do is to set AMX's configuration. You changed something in HLDS \ cstrike \ addons \ amxmodx \ configs \ amxx. Going to amxx with Wordpad and look:
1. amx_show_activity two - that way players see admin commands displayed. You can change your liking: 0-no commands on the screen see
1 - orders can be seen without admin name
2 - orders can be seen with admin name
February. amx_scrollmsg "Welcome to% hostname% - This server is using AMX Mod X" 600 amx_imessage"Welcome to% hostname%" amx_imessage "This server is using AMX Mod X \ NVIS".These are automatic messages that AMX MODX displays them during jocului.Poti modify them as you, but remain between ghilimele.Chiar under amx_imessage is amx_freq_imessage 180, ie the frequency at which messages appear on the screen. And this value can change in seconds (ie 180 three minutes - if you want the message to appear rarely put 360 or as you want.

Find below 3.Putinmai amx_reservation amx_hideslots 0 and 0.
First change hideslots 1, then put how many reserved slots reservation you want to have your server counter strike.
Find csstats_rank 4.Putin below 1 - is how the record AMX rank. You put 0 for the record by name or rank jucatorului.Trebuie necessarily change will not work well.
The other lines do not change anything unless you know what you're doing!


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