Implementation Tutorial Xfire in game or other games Counter Strike 1.6 No Steam (CS: S, TF2, L4D2, MW2)

What does this program:
  • chat and voice chat in-game with adding friends or chat groups
  • he can do in game screenshots and video
  • Display FPS
  • media player in the game (you can listen to music)
  • Serverbrowser - contains list of game servers that you use with Add to favorites, and connect to the server directly from the program before opening game
  • webbrowser in-game (you can get sites directly from the game)
  • camera display
In other words a kind of poor man's Steam.

Install and patch uire for No Steam

Install the program and make an account, then login to your account.

How do occur Xfire in game No Steam (Counter Strike 1.6. Counter Strike Source, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead 2)

Initially this program is set to work with Steam games.
To make it work with the Steam No need install a small patch here:

Xfire In-game XP (for Windows XP) Xfire In-game Vista, Win7 (for Windows Vista and Windows 7)

-Download the one that matches your operating system
Double click on the executable and Next, Install all the way. Do not change the installation folder. If the program was started, give it a restart.
This patch makes Xfire program can be can be used during the game in the following games: Counter Strike 1.6 (tested on realistic and CS T CS Lan extra), Counter Strike Source (both the old version and the new v34 Beta), Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2.

Now to use it in these games have made ​​some settings in the program.
Go to Tools -> Options -> Games . It will scan for installed games.
scanned After her do the following:
1. Double click the Not Installed
2. Select Manual Detect
3. Looking for game executable desired:
- Counter Strike 1.6 search cstrike.exe
Counter-Strike Source (old or Beta), Team Fortress 2 look hl2.exe
-to Left 4 Dead 2 look left4dead2.exe
4. After selecting executables in Game Path and Path Detect give Apply twice
5. Press OK
Now you can make some helpful settings:
1. Setting the shortcut keys that you will use in the game. Clicking in the program to Tools -> Optioans -> Xfire In-Game and choose any combination of two keys you want, For each of the options (Screenshot, Video, Music Player).
choices that open the main program window in game is: Xfire In -Game .

February. Disabling search games installed at startup.
Go to Tools -> Options -> General -> Advanced and tick Skip wide detection at startup and you OK , then restart it to Xfire for the changes to take effect.

Three. Media player that can be used in the game should start Winamp, Windows Media Player or iTunes (the only supported) before entering the game, you create your playlist and leave the program open at the Playlist, then that can come into play, and using media player.

Serverbrowser site can be used to add servers to Favorites or for direct connection to the servers the program. Looking for a server, right click and add to favorites or Join game . Connection options directly from the program works: Counter Strike 1.6, Counter Strike Source old version (v., Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, the other I did not tested yet.

You can add friends and chat with them ui both in game and out of game, you can call, you can transfer files ... in a word is a useful program.


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