Paintball Mod Counter Strike 1.6 server

This is a fun way for Counter Strike 1.6 which replaces the primary weapon, secondary weapon and grenade HE Paintball paint type. You can play on any map and is very fun.


It is a way for AMX Mod X 1.81 so you need to install the server version of AMX Mod X. This download it from here and see the tutorial here .


This mode is a combination of three simple plugin so you will need to install these plugins.
January. Download archive paintball plugins from here and unzip it anywhere on disk.
February. Copy all three files in the archive amxx in HLDS \ cstrike \ addons \ amxmodx \ plugins (HLDS is the main directory of the server).
Optionally you can copy and sma sites in HLDS \ cstrike \ addons \ amxmodx \ scripting
Three. Log in HLDS \ cstrike \ addons \ amxmodx \ configs and open plugins.ini file with WordPad or NotePad. Under all there, add three lines:
April. Download from here archive resources (models, sounds) mode and unzip it anywhere on disk.
Inside it you have four folders (maps, models, sounds, sprites). You should copy their content in folders with the same name in HLDS \ cstrike.


- Paintballgun.amxx -
amx_pbgun (default 1) - Enables \ disables the paintball
amx_pbusp (default 1) - Enable \ disable usp pistol paintballgun
amx_pbglock (default 1) - Enable \ disable Glock paintballgun
pbgun_color (default 2) - Color vopselei1 Random = 2 = 3 = Team Color Green / Orange 4 = Yellow / Purple
pbgun_tgun (default 3) - Sets the pattern used paintball gun Tero (values ​​1-5)
pbgun_ctgun (default 7) - Sets the paintball gun model using CT (values ​​6-10)
pbgun_shots (default 100) - Sets how many paintball sites can be simultaneously at a time. (If the server does fail or lag, decrease this value.)
pbgun_velocity (default 2000) - Speed ​​paintball sites (must be less than sv_maxvelocity (default 2000))
pbgun_speed (default 0.08) - Time between shots
pbgun_life (default 15 ) - Sets how long the paint stain is seen
pbgun_glow (default flags "a") - a = splash of paint shines, b = splash of paint has a tail in flight.
pbgun_damage (default 100) - Set the damage hits with paintball
pbgun_sound (default 1) - Enable \ disable sounds paintball - paintballmod.amxx - amx_pbmod (default 1) - Enable \ disable paintball gun amx_pbmodel (default 0) - Toggles if players use Paintball player modelamx_pbmoney (default 1) - Toggles if players will have money or not amx_pbstrip (default 1) - Toggles if players may have other weapons or amx_getnade (default 2)-Set if players have a paintball grenade. 1 = Every round, 2 = Only if you killed someone in the previous round. amx_pbdm (default 0) - If enabled players will be raised to 3 seconds after the needles die. amx_pbspawnprotect (default 5) - Time, in seconds, that player can not be killed when resurrect (0 - disabled) - paintballnade.amxx - amx_pbnade (default 1) - Enable \ disable paintball grenades. pbnade_radius (default 150) - Radius (in cs units) of action grenade.


say / ent - it shows how many sites are in play paintball
Caution! Since this mode has many models and sounds, I recommend using one of the methods Cranking, because players do not stay long at download.


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