GUI menu change colors in the game Counter Strike 1.6

Are you sure you're bored of green dominated them play CS 1.6 and you want to add some brighter colors it. After these you learn how to change the background picture of the game in the tutorial here, now you will learn how to change colors and options in the game menu. You see it is very simple u sin takes a few minutes.
To change the color you need the color scheme CS final v3 - Download.

unzip and install the program. Installer does not create any shortcut on the Desktop so you have to make him one.Go to Program Files \ Cs 1.6 Color Scheme Editor v3.0 Final where you will find executabiluul Cs Color Scheme 3.0.exe. right click on it, Send to -> Desktop and now have a shortcut from which you can start the program. Starts the site's shortcut will ask where is the game you want to modify. Go to the main folder and the game where you choose the executable hl.exe. 'll get to this window:

The changes you will do the following:
1.De the button marked 1 on the picture, choose a song that will play in the game. It can be any format, but you might like to use mp3 format.
2. The button marked 2 in picture choose an icon that will appear in place of the default Steam, where it is written "Panel"
3. From the drop-down menu marked 3 on the picture will make all changes color text, color tables, etc.. Each change in party will be previewed below. I will not tell what makes each one, choose another all options from the drop-down and change colors ... you'll see the changes.
4. From the 4 marked on the picture you choose the font, its size and the style.
5. From the Mark 5 on the picture will be royal transparency of colors.
Attention! Can not royal colors transparent than a few tables. When you finally exit the program and Save and get in game to see the changes.

Attention! Once you save the changes can not come back to them. So you have to make changes completely, because when you get back in the program all colors will default, and you have to take everything over again. Anyway do not last long and trouble-free action can be resumed from the beginning.


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