The Definitive Counter Strike 1.6 Pack

counter strike 1.6, pistol pictures, cs new skins

counter strike 1.6, smgs pictures, cs new skins
counter strike 1.6, rifle pictures, cs new skins
===================HD Ultimate Counter Strike Skins Pack V2======================
Proffesional Skins Pack designed to enhance the Counter Strike 1.6 experience to the next level.
CS Features:
  • All replaced weapons with HD models
  • All models include the same HANDS skin
  • Real weapons images in Buy Menu
  • New players selection images
  • HD shells and bullets
  • New Decals and Realistic Blood
  • Real steps and shells sounds
  • Replaced the game background and new theme
  • Music Theme and In-Game sounds Metal Gear inspired
  • New HD Player Skins with extra features
  • Realistic Huds for Sniper weapons
  • New In-Game HUD with real name weapons
  • HD maps +50 new ones added
  • +100 spray images
  • And much more!
*Coming soon The Specialist Ultimate CS Pack, with new HD weapons and all the players models like Dante, Vergil, Neo, Snake, The Punisher...
Download Here

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