[Tutorial Linux for Create CS Server] Also can be used for "HLDS1 and Orangebox"

[Tutorial UNIX for produce metal Server] can also be used for "HLDS1 and Orangebox"
Hello, during this thread i'll show you ways to form a server metal one.6 with none panel (If u need a panel, i'll guide you in alternative thread) to your server.

First, we have a tendency to should say that UNIX, is that the most suitable choice to "host" an avid server of metal one.6. Why? merely and simple, its checked that UNIX its the most effective choice by their engine and their quick things than Windows (With UNIX all servers of lots of games will get a HIGH and stables Federal Protective Service than WIndows for being a un-stable S.O)

1º- What we have a tendency to need?
- an avid server ( VPS / Dedicated Server ) indifferent.
- Minimum of 256mb ram (If u need a thirty two slot server i'll recomend u min 1gb RAM DDR3)
- Bandwith (Your server have to be compelled to keep connected to 100mbps port and with 100mbps bandwith guaranteed), this can be for not increase the ping of your users.

2º- after we have that we will select UNIX S.O (I like use CentOS half-dozen however u will use , Debian 6, etc etc.)

2.1 - go online your SSH Terminal.

When you area unit connected in your SSH terminal, verify that you simply area unit ussing root account, (Some users like not mount metal Servers with root account, thus if u need, you'll be able to produce a user with root privileges, how?

For CentOS

1-useradd newuser ( useradd fizx , example)
2-password newuser ( word fizx , example)

For debian:
Use same comands and with "sudo useradd"

Before that, kind visudo or /etc/sudoers to feature the account we've recently created few seconds past with root privileges.

You will see this:
· root ALL=(ALL) ALL
Add below it:
· fizx(or the name u used) ALL=(ALL) ALL

Then, u have to be compelled to log with city new account (Centos will not need the comand sudo, however debian yes)



First, you've got to transfer the HLDSupdatetool.bin. you'll be able to have a go at it doing:

· wget http://storefront.steampowered.com/downl...tetool.bin
· chmod +x hldsupdatetool.bin
· ./hldsupdatetool.bin

Sometimes you'll be able to get this error:
· uncompress: command not found
-How to fix?
With root account, or account with root privileges, use:
· ln -s /bin/gunzip /bin/uncompress
Then the error are mounted.

./hldsupdatetool.bin: No such file or directory
If your server its sixty four bits, you've got to put in 32-libs version, How?

-> Using: (This comands rely of S.O, thus u will google it and realize easy)
· apt-get install lib32gcc1 OR
· yum install ia32-libs

Before that, u have the ./hldsupdatetool.bin downloaded, you've got to begin.
[b]First do chmod +x ./hldsupdatetoo.bin
and then, use: ./steam

Wait to induce a verify and acquire latest version.
When you get, Checkbooststrapper fifty etc etc click affirmative to agree "ToS of Steam and bla bla bla"

NOW, we are going to place the last command we've to try and do to put in our server, that is:

./steam -command update -game "cstrike" -dir metal -verify_all

Always, to put in a metal server, you need to use that command.
IF you would like to alter the localization of the install server, you'll be able to have a go at it putting:

./steam -command update -game "cstrike" -dir /home/blaba -verify_all (for example)

Then, u have to be compelled to wait to induce verify all files, then city server can begin downloading files.

Then, final thing you've got to try and do its move to the LOC wherever you've got put in the metal server to run it.
./hlds_run -game cstrike (Check if there area unit any error, if any error its showed, perhaps you've got missing libraries, or the sport wasnt put in properly, re-check tutorial again)
Its all its right, and you would like to log-out of SSH (But if u log-out the server is closed automatic), you've got to place the method into a screen mode to stay saving.

Easy, use this comand:

·screen -mdLS cstrike ./hlds_run -game cstrike

Type" screen -r "to resume the screen.
Once resumed press the subsequent keys on your keyboard to detach from it again:


And that's all. If you've got issues, perhaps post your downside here, and perhaps i will assist you :)

Tutorial simple 100 percent and created by my expertise. within the next days, i'll place a simple config ( to put in AMXMODX remote to your server, and transfer one in every of my server's cfg, which will bring you one thousand Federal Protective Service stables and sensible configs for your server )

Happy Christmas for all and luxuriate in the tutorial
PD: The higher than command to put in server metal one.6 is used for alternative games of VALVE HLDS1 (Not for Orangebox supply games), solely reemplace "cs" for the opposite game name, like "tfc" "cz" for his or her several games.

NOTE: THIS TUTORIAL HAS BEEN created BY American state AND are affixed IN alternativeS FORUMS WITH MY OTHER NICK (IF U assume THAT I LEECHED IT, U area unit WRONG, I actually have THE COPYRIGHT OF THIS, AND wished to assist individuals HERE. IF U don't think American state, you'll be able to POST PM within the OTHERS FORUMS wherever YOU SEE IT, and that i can ANSWER U :)


Not files area unit required for sixty four bits. initial u have to be compelled to place the server as i told u mistreatment my tutorial or alternative tutorial.

When u have that, solely u "have to transfer this file" that's a plugin (for HLD1 Games, that is mistreatment double protocol, thats mean for steam players and no-steam players , protocol 48/47

The link to transfer is :
Official web site of Dproto, for creating nosteam game servers.

Download file zero.9.187 or last version.

When u have it downloaded, you've got to put in "Amxmod" that u will transfer from his web site (search google) and you've got to put in that. (Amxmod , its a main plugin for administration servers, that avaliable keep running alternative plugins created in pawno for metal servers like mods, Gungame , Zombiemod, slaps, admin bans etc etc, create admins for city server and alternative things)
Why u need?
Because the amxmod its necessary to run DPROTO

When u have finished install Amxmod , you simply have to be compelled to extract dproto and get:
1- Dproto.cfg (Put in your main metal server, (where server.cfg its allocated)
2- Then get dproto_i386.so and place during this location. yourserver/amxmodx/addons/dproto/dproto_i386.so
Then u have to be compelled to move to yourserver/addons/metamod and edit plugins.ini
There u have to be compelled to add this line:
linux addons/dproto/dproto_i386.so

Then, save and can work good. A Non-steam/STEAM game server :)


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