Port Forwarding on DSL Modem / Router

These steps are for FiberHome AN1020-25 ADSL Wireless Modem provided by PTCL Broadband.
Open in your Web Browser.
A dialog will appear asking for Username and Password.
Enter admin in both Username and Password.
If the Username and Password are correct, you will see a page like below:

Now, click on “Advanced Setup” and then click on “NAT“:

Click on “Add” and enter the Local IP and Port you want to forward.
Here I am forwarding Port Number 27015 of UDP which is default port for Counter-Strike 1.6 Server.
This port is being forwarded to my computer’s IP which is
In case you are setting up a Web Server like WAMP/XAMPP, the default HTTP Port Number is 80 of TCP
Click “Save/Apply”.
Your port should be forwarded successfully now!


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