Admin Commands


admin_help <number> - opens the help menu, the pass number 11, 21, 31 etc.
name> admin_ban or WONID or ip> [<minute>] - Ban player
admin_cancelvote - cancels vote
admin_cfg <config file> - run configuration, config files
admin_chat <message> - show only admin posts
admin_csay <message> - show message center screen
admin_denymap <map> - cancels vote for map
admin_disco - starts the disco, if you plug fun
admin_enableallweapons - allows buying guns if they are restricted
admin_enableequipment - allows purchase of equipment if restricted
admin_enablemenu <meniu #> - lift the restriction on that category
admin_enableweapon <meniu #> <arma #> - lift the restriction on the gun that
admin_execall <commanda> - forcing players to execute the order
admin_execclient <target> <commanda> - forcing a player to execute the order
admin_execteam <team> <commanda> - forcing the team to execute command
admin_fraglimit <fraglimit> - set cvar mp_fraglimit
admin_friendlyfire <on | Off> - set cvar mp_friendlyfire
admin_fun <"on" | "off "> - start or stop how fun
admin_gag <target> [<minutes>] - player can not "speak" (in chat), 0 min is always
admin_glow <color | "off"> - starts or stops the glow mode (players shine)
admin_godmode <target> <"on" | "off"> - starts or stops the player's godmode
admin_gravity <gravity> - set gravity
admin_hostname <name> - change server name
admin_kick <target> [<reason>] - yes outside the targeted player
admin_listmaps - shows the list of maps of mapcycle
admin_listspawn - show list spaws
admin_llama <target> - put the player llama: changes its name and can not speak

admin_map <map_name> - change map
admin_messagemode <command> - treat 'say' as a command
<X> admin_movespawn <identity> <Y> <Z> <XAngle> <YAngle> <ZAngle> - move a spawn
admin_nextmap - show map Next
admin_noclip <target> <"on" | "off"> - make player to walk through walls
admin_nomessagemode - treat 'say' as 'say' not as a command
admin_nopass - remove server password
admin_pass <password> - put the password server
admin_pause - pause the game
admin_psay <target> <msg> - send message to player's
admin_rcon <cmd> - execute rcon commands
admin_reload - reload files Adminmod
admin_removespawn <identity> - removes a spawn
admin_restrictallweapons - restricts all weapons
admin_restrictequipment - restricts all equipment (shield , grenades, etc.)
<menu admin_restrictmenu #> - restricting the respective menu
admin_restrictweapon <menu #> <weapon #> - restictioneaza weapon menu specified
admin_say <msg> - send message to all players in the admin
admin_servercfg <config file> - set configure the server the default
admin_slap <target> - player hits
admin_slay <target> - kills player
admin_slayteam <team> - kill entire team
admin_spawn <Class> <X> <Y> <Z> <XAngle> <YAngle> <ZAngle> - add a spawn
admin_ssay <msg> - Message from nameless admin
admin_stack - will block all who are above you
admin_startvote - starts a vote
admin_teamplay <teamplay> - set cvar mp_teamplay
admin_teleport <target> <X> <Y> <Z> - Teleports player into place
admin_timeleft - show remaining time
admin_timelimit <timelimit> - set time limit
admin_tsay [color] <msg> - messages at the bottom right of the screen
admin_unban <WONID or ip> - out ban
admin_ungag <target> - out said player's gag
admin_unllama <target> - llama out of the player
admin_unpause - break out the server
admin_userlist [<name>] - shows a list of players
admin_userorigin <target> - where the player went back
admin_vote_kick <target> - kick starts a vote on the question
admin_vote_map <map> - starts a vote that map,
admin_vsay <question> - presents a question of voting as
say rockthevote - starts a vote
vote <map> say - starts a vote on the map
say glow <color | "off"> - makes you shine


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