Download Counter Strike 1.6 Modren Warfare 2

Download Counter Strike 1.6 Modren Warfare 2

As the name says, in this Counter Strike 1.6 version we tried to bring some of the MW2 look and gameplay into CS 1.6. This is not justa reskinned CS 1.6, the changes made to the game are significant.

Weapon skinns and models are made to look like those in Modern Warfare 2, player models, even some animations, too. We changed the sounds and some controls to make it feel like MW2 gameplay.

This CS 1.6 MW2 version is playable online, on any server you like, but you can play on a LAN server (with or without bots) started ingame from Create Server, if you like.

The mod was made by an international team, and adapted for online gameplaye and packed by us.

Installer size: 758 MB
Installed game size: 1.4 GB

Warning! If you recive an error at w_c4.mdl when trying to connect to online servers, download and install CS 1.6 MW2 Update 1.1 C4 Fix. Without this one you won`t be able to connect to some of these servers. Double click the exe and chose as installation folder, the game`s main directory (Counter Strike 1.6 Modern Warfare 2).

Download CS 1.6 MW2 Update 1.1 C4 Fix

Size: 300 KB

Some instructions for Counter Strike 1.6 Modern Warfare 2

1. Specific key bindings
- E - quick slash (press and hold down the key for fasn knife hit)
- F - quick flash throw (press and hold down the key ; you have to buy the flashbang first)
- Mouse 3 - quick he throw (press and hold down the key ; you have to buy the he grenade first)
- C - flashlight
- V - Use Item
2. If you want to change the specific binds, go to cstrike\userconfig.cfg (lines 71,76,81).
To disable those bindings just comment the lines (put // in front of them), and then bind whatever key you want ingame (Options -> Keyboard).

3. You can start a LAN listenserver from Create Server, and add bots.

4. You can enable/disable some plugins for listensever in

5. Thew game`s default instalation is on 1024x768 resolution. If you use a wide screen desktop you can change the backround, game menu, to fit to your resolution.
Go to Counter Strike 1.6 Modern Warfare 2\cstrike and delete or rename the resource folder. Rename resource_wide folder to resource, then in game chose the 1280X720 resolution.


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