Clan Mod tutorial on Counter Strike 1.6 dedicated server

Clan Mod tutorial on Counter Strike 1.6 dedicated server

1.Installing ClanMod Files

1.Download ClanMod.rar here.
2.Extract clanmod_mm.dll into the <mod_dir>/addons/clanmod/dlls/ folder.
3.Extract the ClanMod config files and directories into the <mod_dir>/addons/clanmod/ folder. This folder may need to be created if you don't have a previous version of ClanMod installed.
4.Open the file <mod_dir>/addons/metamod/plugins.ini in a plain text editor such as Notepad.           Avoid the use of rich text editors such as Wordpad and MS-Word. This file may need to be created if it doesn't already exist.
5.Add the following line to plugins.ini: win32 addons/clanmod/dlls/clanmod_mm.dll
6.Save the file and exit the text editor
Finalizing the Install
ClanMod is now installed and ready to run. To start ClanMod, stop and restart your hlds server. The ClanMod plugin should automatically load. You can also load and unload the plugin on every map change using the appropriate Metamod commands. (Type "meta help" in server console for more help) To ensure that the plugin is running, type "clanmod_version" in your hlds console.
To configure and customize ClanMod, edit the various configuration files found in <mod_dir>/addons/clanmod. The first thing you need to do is define your admins. To do this, edit the file <mod_dir>/addons/clanmod/cm_admins.cfg. There are many examples of how to do this included in the file. For complete details on how to define admins, see the ClanMod Manual section titled "Creating Admins". Once you have defined your admins, you will want to make use of ClanMod when you are in-game. For instructions on how to do this, see the sections "Logging In" and "On-Screen Menus" in both the ClanMod Manual and the ClanMod Adminstrator's Guide.

2.Creating Admins

Admin accounts are defined in the file cm_admin.cfg using the cm_admin command. The syntax for cm_admin is:
cm_admin "<name, IP or WONID>" "<password>" "<levels and flags>" ["name"]
Make sure that you use quotes if your name or password contain spaces. The list of available levels and flags are:
A Access to the Slap Menu
B Access to the Ban Menu - Temporary Time Bans
C Ability to send coloured Admin Chat messages (set by cvar cm_chatflag)
D Access to the Cancel Vote Menu
E Access to the Client-Commands Menu
J Access to clanmodmenu2
K Access to the Kick Menu
M Access to the Changelevel Menu
O Operator level
P Access to the Ban Menu - Permanent Ban
Q Access to the "Exit", "More" and "Back..." positions in ClanMod Menu
R Access to the Record Demo Menu and the Snapshot Menu
S Access to the Settings Menu
T Access to the Teleport Menu
U Access to the Unban Menu
V Access to the Votemap and Votekick Menus. Ability to close vote session
W Access to Play Sounds with Say and Menu
X Custom level (for Custom and Client Commands)
Y Custom level (for Custom and Client Commands)
Z Custom level (for Custom and Client Commands)

b Kicks player no matter what password is given (used for unwanted names)
f Give level and flags to the player, but don't mark him as an admin
k Admin can not be kicked
l Do not logout if name or password has changed
o Operator, can kick everyone
r Has a reservation in the server's freeslots
s Kick the player if a bad password was given
Admin account exaple :
Example: If you have an admin with the nick "Boss|George" and the password "mypass" who you want to be able to use the Votemap Menu, the Kick Menu, and also to be able to send coloured messages, then the admin levels would be V, K, and C. If you also want this admin to be able to kick others admins, have a reserved slot on server, and be immune to kick from other admins, then you would add the o, r, and k flags. The command for creating this account would then be:
cm_admin "Boss|George" "mypass" "VKCork

3.Logging In

To log into the game as an admin, you must add a setinfo line to your Half-Life/<mod_dir>/config.cfg file on your client. The syntax for the setinfo line is:
setinfo "<variable>" "<password>"
By default, the variable is "_cm_pw". Using the admin example above, the admin Boss|George has the password "mypass". Therefore, that admin's setinfo line would be:
setinfo "_cm_pw" "mypass"

4.On-Screen Menus

For effective usage, bind an available key to the ClanMod menu. You can bind any key or mouse button that you prefer. For example, to make it such that the letter "o" opens your "op" menu, type the following in your client console:
bind "o" "clanmodmenu"
Now, whenever you hit "o" in the game, the menu will appear showing the available ClanMod options. If you hit "o" again, the menu will disappear. To navigate the menus, simply press the appropriate number key. All menu items are numbered.
There main menu has two pages. Although the second page is accessible from the first, it can also be quite handy to bind a key directly to that menu as well. The command to go directly to the second menu is "clanmodmenu2". So, for example, to bind it to key "p", you simply type the following into your client console:
bind "p" "clanmodmenu2".


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