How to make an image motd for your Counter Strike 1.6 server

How to make an image motd for your Counter Strike 1.6 server

You can set up an image MOTD (the picture that shows before connecting to a server) using one of the following methods:
  • Writing the text directly to the picture, uploading it on a file hosting server and inserting the URL into one piece of html code.
  • Inserting the text into the html code.

First method – writing on a picture

Chose a picture here or any other. If you chose to use your own picture you will have to resize it first. Download here, Paint Net photo editor. Install it , open it and in the upper left corner you will find File -> Open . Chose the picture from your computer and open it. In order to resize it click Image -> Resize . Check “By absolute size”, uncheck "Maintain aspect ratio" and write the following sizes :
    • widith : 766

    • height: 383

    You have your picture sized and ready for your motd. Now you`ll have to write the text. In order to do that open the Tools and Colors (if they are not already opened, click Windows menu and open it there). In the Tools menu you`ll find the writing tool represented by the letter “A”. Chose the color of your text in Colors menu and write the text on your picture. Save the image when you are done ( File -> Save , name it and save it as gif, jpg, png or bmp).

Uploading the picture on a file hosting server and inserting the url into the html code

In order to do that follow this link and make an account there. Upload the picture to your account, click Files -> Main folder (see the image) . You`ll see a small thumbnail of your picture. Click on it and the picture will open. In the upper left corner of it you`ll see the needed URL address wich you`ll have to copy (see the image).

Copy that URL into this piece of html code :

What you need to change in this code is :
This code you`ll have to copy into HLDS\cstrike\motd.txt after you deleted the code that is already there. Save and close motd.txt.

If you chose to use one of our pictures you will not have to upload it to a file hosting site. The pictures are hosted by us. Just copy into the code above this url :

Replace “image.jpg” with the name of the picture you have chosen.
Warning ! Never forget to write the pictures extension (jpg, gif), otherwise the image won`t show.
The picture will fit exactly into the game window !


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