Protocol 47 +48 Patch for CS 1.6 servers. Enrollment in MasterServer Setting

Uirea servers CS 1.6 patch for protocol 47 and 48

After switching to dedicated servers prototocolul 48 Counter Strike 1.6 no longer appear in the game list on the Internet. Solving a careful reading find this tutorial.
To solve the problem servers must be patched look. A good patch you can find here (download patch cs 1.6 server protocol 47 +48).
Steps to follow to increase uirea patch servers
January. Download installer patch No Steam 47 +48 , double click on it and choose the installation folder, directory server (HLDS - Find and executable at the start of the server).
February. You go down in server.cfg and add the lines below what is there:
For the server to run on the internet make sure the line sv_lan 0 in server.cfg to have this value .. so 0.
Adding masterserverelor in server.cfg will cause the server to see the list of internet and patch will make the customers can get both with protocol 47 (old) and protocol 48.

Enrollment in MasterServer Setti

This is an optional step. The server will be listed automatically in other masterservere by adding lines in server.cfg (and so you will see the list of Internet anyway the game) in addition Setti ... only if you do.
MasterServer Setti is currently the most important MasterServer for CS 1.6 and Source servers, with 20 000 visitors daily and is growing. By enrolling in this MasterServer, your server will see in this list implicitly will get more players.
To enroll in server Setti MasterServer go here and scroll down you will see a small Form. Enter there ip and port server or DNS address and port and you add server .
Ex: 27016 27015
If you have dynamic IP, do yourself a DNS address and then join the server with that address. Every time you start the server, updating address ... otherwise it will be listed in MasterServer.
Even if you have the DNS address or not, if you start the server rarely recommend you sign Setti server every time you open it.
After registration, take a few minutes until the server is listed ... usually about 20 minutes. During this time the server will run on other Masterservere you've been in server.cfg, so do not depend Setti total.


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