Update to Counter Strike 1.6 Server Creator - Version 2.4

Installation Tutorial dedicated server Counter Strike 1.6 Non Steam or Steam on Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7

To install a Counter Strike 1.6 server, you need:
a.Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, processor 1000 ghz, memory 256 ram
b.Conexiune internet
c 300-400 MB free disk

The steps that you have to do to install Counter Strike 1.6 server

1. the first thing you need to do is download it here installer Counter Strike 1.6 Server Creator.Apoi create a new folder anywhere on disk, preferably name it HLDS . It can be called anything but it is easier to explain it, this name is classic. 2. urmatoruii have to do steps:
  • Double click on the executable Counter-Strike 1.6 Server Creator.exe . Selection window appears installation folder.
  • Looking HLDS - folder that you created - and click OK. Disclaimer: you must be necessarily connected to the internet. Then you Next and Install .
  • After a few seconds - be patient if you do not appear immediately - you will see a black window screen, which will show scroll of the installation. At this point the installer downloads and installs all the basic components of a counter strike 1.6 server in your HLDS folder. This process may take some time, depending on your internet connection speed. When the installer finishes his little pacience. If it has 315 MB (approximately), all hasn were downloaded, so everything is okay.
Open directory HLDS . It should look like this:

Then open your cstrike folder. It should look like this:

If the two folders does not look like the pictures and the folder HLDS is less than 315 MB(approximately) will have to resume the installation from step 2.
If the two folders look just like the picture, then everything is fine and we move to the next step.
Make a copy of the folder HLDS to have a backup in case something goes later and have to start over.So you will not have to download the new server with Server Creator.
Three. now have activated the plugin: Metamod 1.19 . For this go in HLDS \ cstrike \ liblist.gam and get there the next line (as others):
save the file and exit.
4. now need to make the server accessible to all players - and those who do not have steam. If you want to be just Steam server, skip this step. uirea Patch for No Steam server can be done by two methods. Choose only one of them:

  • 4.1 Method dproto - this plugin is installed dproto (Protocol Manager). Download plugin Dproto (latest version) from here , double click on the executable and choose the folder of the server installation root directory ( HLDS ).
    then go in HLDS \ cstrike \ addons \ metamod and open plugins.ini with Notepad or Wordpad, then there add the following line:
  • 4.2 The classical method (recommended) file using swds.dll. Download No Steam patch 47 +48 from here , unzip, double click on the executable and choose the installation folder directory HLDS .
After activation Metamod, this plugin will run to make the server accept No Steam client. After you start the server, you can check if this plugin works, giving the command console meta list . The answer should be this: dproto RUN - dproto.dll v0.3.7 ini Start Never
Caution! Installing this plugin is on a original server downloaded the Server Creator, without any changes to DLLs (swds.dll, steam.dll or other).
Do NOT use both methods on the same server, but only one of them!

May. You go in HLDS \ cstrike \ server.cfg (open it with Notepad or Wordpad: ie: double-click it, select Open with, "select the schedule from the list" and there looking Wordpad or Notepad - click on it and OK), delete everything there and copy the following lines:
June. now for your server to run on the Internet and to see the game list, you have to go all in server.cfg, look for a line sv_lan 1 . Instead of 1 pass 0 then you add in all these lines are there:
Save the file and exit.
At this point, if you have followed the online instructions, you have a Counter Strike 1.6 server running.For a sample you can start it as follows. Search your HLDS file, executable hlds.exe (as shown), you right click on it and "Send to desktop". You will be displayed the same icon as in HLDS. Double click will open the console.
now give, Start Server. You can enter the server.
Not so fast though, because it's not ready. The installer automatically installed to your AmxModX 1.8.1 .AmxModX is plugin that helps to give orders for you to have server control, you show your stats and effects and introduces some specific sounds (such as monsterkill or headshot).
At this point you have three options: 1.Lasi server to run the AMX Mod X as it is installed!Recommended! 3.Install AdminMod, and in this case you need Statsme for stats and sounds.2.Instalezi ClanMod, in which case you also need Statsme.

If you opt for ClanMod, ClanMod installation page .
AmxModX If you want to install, the installation page AdminMod .

Activating messages and sounds of events (headshot, prepare to fight, monstrekill)

If you choose the first option then you have something configured to AMX Mod X. First add an admin (or more). see tutorial on adding admins AMX Mod X here.
Secondly you have to activate the plugin miscstats.amxx to view event messages and can hear sounds (monsterkill, doublekill, prepare to fight, etc). To activate this plugin go in HLDS \ cstrike \ addons \ amxmodx \ configs and open plugins.ini file there with Wordpad or Notepad. Down to line 40 and remove , the front line with misctats.amxx . Save and exit.
Then when you put the maximum level admin with AMX Mod X , you enter the server and commandamx_statscfgmenu . a menu will appear on the screen. From that menu sounds, and messages and command rank and top 10 players.

What should I do to work / rank and / top10

You go in HLDS \ cstrike \ addons \ amxmodx \ configs where open amxx.cfg with Notepad or Wordpad.Go to line 161 where you csstats_rank one and replace with the value 0 .
July. specialized in importing a step is adding maps. Since the installer you just installed basemap (of dust, the inferno etc) must manually install other maps, if you want of course. The easiest way to do this is to copy the file maps the folder where you have installed the game, the file server. Eg you Intal game (Counter Strike 1.6) in C; go there until you open it in cstrike \ maps , from there you "copy" the file maps, and you go in HLDS \ cstrike (so the server) where you " paste ". But before, save foldermaps in HLDS \ cstrike anywhere on the disc, to be sure.

Checking the IP address of the server

If somehow you have problems connecting to the server, that players try to connect but fail and the game several times trying connection fails to connect and see the tutorial to check the IP address here.

Enrollment in Masterserverele Setti Server and Csservers.ro

This step is optional. For the server to have more players can join him in MasterServer Setti. This MasterServer has over 20 000 users daily ... many of them may enter on your server. Viewing tutorial Setti MasterServer subscription. MasterServer To enroll in Csservers.ro server, you first need a DNS address server ( see this tutorial ), then go here and fill the form.
After installing server recommend you you let on AMX MODX!

   Counter Strike 1.6 Server Creator v2.4       (updated version)


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