minbotskill/maxbotskill skill - The skill level will be within this range if you add a bot
                                without specifying the skill level.
addbot [skill] [team] [name]  - Add a bot with these attributes. Teams: 1 = T, 2 = CT
botchat on|off                - Turn on or off bot chatting
botsvotemap mapnumber         - Orders all dead Bots to vote for Map mapnumber, where mapnumber
                                is a valid number of a map in your mapcycle.
jasonmode on|off              - Controls bot knife-only mode.
botsfollowuser bots           - Sets the maximum number of bots in the team can follow the same
                                user (when radio command "Follow Me" is used).
                                The default is 3.
detailnames on|off            - Turn this on to display the skill number behind names and the
                                [POD] before the name.
collectexperience on|off      - Turn this on to let the bots collect experience from the map
                                they're playing.
shootthruwalls on|off         - This variable specifies if bots are allowed to shoot through
                                walls if they saw an enemy or if they heard someone on the other
                                side of a wall or door.
killbots                      - Kills all bots in the map.
newmap mapname                - Substitution for the "map" command you're used to. Loads a new map.
                                This will work 100% with Bots and no client should get disconnected.
podbotmenu                    - Displays the User-Menu by default bound to the "=" key.
removebots                    - Kicks all bots off of the server. Note that this also changes the
                                min_bots and max_bots variables to 0.


Chick :
Type cheat:
bind "/" "setinfo model ../chick"
After you press "/" and continue press, other player saw you "is a chick".
You can type list cheat:
bind / "setinfo model ../orange"
bind / "setinfo model ../feather"
bind / "setinfo model ../oranget"
bind / "setinfo model ../head"
bind / "setinfo model ../hostage"
or you type "mcache", List word that you can cheat,too.


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