Client Cheats Counter Strike 1.3

Anyone can use these to alter their personal settings.

cl_observercrosshair (default 1) - Set to 1 to enable crosshairs in Observer mode, 0 to disable.
cl_hidefrags (default 1)         - Set to 1 to hide all frag/death counts on the Scoreboard but
                                   your own, 0 to show.
hud_centerid (default 0)         - Set to 1 to center auto-ID text on screen, 0 to have auto-ID
                                   text in the bottom left corner.
lefthand (default 1)             - Set to 1 to use left hand, 0 to use right.
max_shells X                     - X = maximum number of shells at one time
max_smokepuffs X                 - X = max. number of smoke puffs at one time
fastsprites X                    - x = 0 : regular transparent smoke grenade sprites
                                   x = 1 : simple transparent smoke grenade sprites (default)
                                   x = 2 : VERY simple transparent smoke grenade sprites.
adjust_crosshair                 - Each time you type this into the console your crosshair changes
                                   colour. There are 5 colours to choose from.
con_color                        - Change the colour of your HUD. Like con_color "256 256 256"
                                   numeric values can be found by looking in most paint packages.
timeleft                         - Tells you how much time is left on the map
setinfo vgui_menus X             - {X = 0 or 1, 0 disables VGUI menus, 1 enables VGUI menus}
                                   (also available through the "Play CS" ] "Customize" menu)
ah (default 1)                   - Set to 1 to enable auto-help, 0 to disable. Auto-help gives
                                   the player hint messages throughout the game.

If the buy weapon system malfunctions, disable the vgui through the "Play CS" ]
"Customize" menu.

Infokey settings. Type "setinfo" to check the status of all infokey settings. To change
one, type "setinfo [keyname] [value]". InfoKey Keynames dm (default 1) Set to 1 to display
map briefings after loading new levels, 0 to disable.


type in console : LISTPLAYERS
you will see players numbers then type: KICK #[number of a player you want to kick]
anti-kicking cheat is impossible


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