Server Cheats Counter Strike 1.3

mp_startmoney (default 800)   - Sets the amount of money players start with.
mp_logdetail (default 0)      - Bitwise cvar to set the level of detail for
                                logging attacks (bit 0: log enemy.
                                attacks, bit 1: log teammate attacks).
mp_fadetoblack (default 0)    - When set to 1, player's screen fades to black for
                                the remainder of the round when he dies (hud still works
                                normally so player can chat and see the scores, etc.)
                                Overrides mp_forcechasecam.
mp_buytime (default 1.5)      - Designate the desired amount of buy time for each round.
                                Min buy time is .5 minutes. No max buy time.
mp_winlimit (default 0)       - Will cycle the map after one team reaches this many wins.
mp_limitteams (default 2)     - Maximum number of players that one team can have over the
                                other. To entirely disable team limiting, set to 0.
sv_restartround (def. 0 sec)  - Time until the game restarts fresh, or 0 to not restart.
                                This will reset all frags, scores, weapons and money to default.
                                Use this to coordinate clan matches.
mp_autokick (default 1)       - Enable automatic team-killer banning and idle client kicking.
mp_autoteambalance (def.1)    - Toggles auto balancing of teams.
mp_chasecam (default 0)       - Limit observers to chase modes.
mp_c4timer (default 45 sec)   - C4 timer duration. Minimum of 15, maximum of 90.
mp_freezetime (default 6 sec) - The length in seconds of the Freeze period at the beginning
                                of rounds. Set to 0 to disable.
mp_roundtime (default 5 min)  - Min round time is 1 min. Max round time is 9 min. Supports
                                partial minutes (1.5 is 90 seconds).
mp_friendlyfire (default 0)   - Set to 1 to enable friendly fire, 0 to disable.
mp_timelimit (default 0 min)  - Period between map rotations.
mp_maxrounds (default 0)      - Maximum number of rounds to be played on a map, leave at 0
                                to obey mp_timelimit.
mp_footsteps (default 1)      - Set to 1 to enable footsteps, 0 to disable.
mp_flashlight (default 1)     - Set to 1 to enable the use of flashlights, 0 to disable.
mp_tkpunish 0/1               - if set to 1, TK'ers will sit out next round
mp_hostagepenalty X           - X = max. number of hostages you can kill before the server
                                boots you out. setting this to 0 will shut off this command
mp_logmessages 0/1            - used for server admins to spit out chat messages in their
                                log files.
mp_forcechasecam 0/1/2        - When set to 2, not allowed to spectate anyone...player's view
                                stays where the player dies. When set to 1 only allowed to
                                spectate player's own team when player dies. Default 0.


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