Here You Can Make Request About Any Thing You Want For Counter Strike

         Please Mention In The Comment Below!!


  1. Alicx Kamoun said...:

    i'd like a plugin that when some one enter the server it change his gui :)

  1. osama khann said...:

    Ok I Will Try To Complete Your Request Thankyou!!for Visiting

  1. Suyash said...:

    cs source link is inaccesible.
    howdo i download?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hye, is there a patch for condition zero so I can play online?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Not able to download the CS games :'(

  1. samruddhikale said...:

    im not able to downlaod cs condition zero...will you plz help me?

  1. hamza kalimi said...:

    hi mujhe ucp 8.0 ki wallhack aimbot chaye gara kisi ke pass hai to plzz mujhe dedo main ap ko paisay b pay kar sakta hon is hack ke badle ap mujhe skype ya add kar sakte hain ye meri skype id hai : fnx_max951 or my email plz jis ke pass b hai contact me

  1. Barbarez said...:

    Man can you help me with adversting this server from bosnia

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I need promote a website I will pay email me asap :

  1. Miao Ling Ruan said...:

    hey I have a problem with cs go I just downloaded from Osama khan's post the link sent me to 4shared instead of a utorret download then after I downloaded it and extracted it. I opened up the .exe but the game opened up for about 1-2 secs then it just closed itself every single time ive tried reinstalling it please help me thank you :D im on windows 7 64 bit :D

  1. Miao Ling Ruan said...:

    idk if my message went through but I downloaded cs go from Osama khan's link which wasn't a utorret link and sent me to 4shared then I downloaded it and opened up the exe file for cs go and the game opened for 1-2 seconds then it closes itself and this keeps happening over and over Ive tried reinstalling it please help me im on a windows 7 64-bit Thank YOu :D

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